In the world of Glaucoma treatment there is a new drug on the market that inspires hope for those who are losing vision. Research in Nitric Oxide won scientists a Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine over 20 years ago. Until only recently, no research had focused on the benefits of nitric oxide for the health of the eyes.
Now optometric physicians have glaucoma treatments that are based on the physiology of nitric oxide to the rescue. We have known that glaucoma patients who take their medications on a regular basis have a better quality of life. While compliance is extremely important, there are some people who even with regular treatment still lose valuable eyesight.
Progression of vision loss due to glaucoma is not the only issue. A new study found that people with glaucoma score lower on cognitive tests. No such correlation was found with people who have macular degeneration. So proper treatment not only protects eyesight but also may improve cognitive ability once the proper medication is found. Nitric Oxide producing medication may just be what the doctor ordered!
Other correlations exist as well. Eighty percent of people with primary open angle glaucoma had hemorrhages in their fingernails, compared to only thirty percent of those without the condition (Primary Care Optometry News, December 2019).
So the bottom line is that while optometric physicians may treat the eyes for glaucoma there is still a lot medical science doesn’t know about the systemic involvement. This is where Nitric Oxide could come in. Nitric Oxide has been shown to prevent and in some cases even reverse heart disease. Since heart disease is 20 times more likely to cause death than cancer, this could be huge. The cardiovascular system is extremely important in the health of the eye. Increasing the Nitric oxide levels compensate for the vascular reduction in blood flow that comes from glaucoma.
Prescribing glaucoma medication is something that optometric physician professionals take seriously. Here at Lindsey Optical our doctors are devoted to using the mediations that is best for our patients. Unfortunately, this is a battle between insurance companies who appear only concerned with cost and doctors who have the best care in mind for their patients. If you or someone you know has glaucoma then contact the doctors at Lindsey Optical in Princeton and EyeCareOne in Beckley for the most up to date treatments. We are the One to See.